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Asian masssge rituals

Coconut Bliss

– This massage ritual is created specially for winter months. It ought to bring back the memories from the summer and also protect the body. It is a combination of coconut aroma therapy; and later with help of coconut steamed compress bag. Natural coconut oil is replenishing for the skin whilst the warmth from coconut bags and released coconut essence is preventive.

Duration: 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Royal Beauty Ritual

– Absolute groundbreaking anti-celulitis ritual at Green Lotus is designed only for women. You pour yourself into flower scrub peeling, which refreshes and exfoliates the skin. The treatments is followed with Aromatherapy with special Thai anti-celulitis cream. Light and swift acupressure strokes will increase the effectiveness of creams.

Duration: 120 minutes (79 €) Order

Harmonizing Asian Ritual

– Classic Asian ritual is customized to support and heal all the parts of the body and mind. It begins with thai foot ritual with warm foot treatment which increases blood circulation. Gentle aroma massage follows, increasing effectiveness of the fragrance plant oils, that stimulates and supports internal organs. Ritual has a classic finish, where the head, face and neck massage is applied.

Duration: 120 minutes (78 €) Order

Healing Relaxing Ritual

– This ritual mainly focuses onto healing aspects of thai traditions. It begins with Thai foot ritual, which stimulates the nerve-endings on the sole of the foot. Flower skin scrub purifies and exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells. The ritual then continues with oil and aroma massage which removes energy blockages and brings overall remedy and vitality to the body.

Duration: 120 minutes (78 €) Order

Sport Expert Ritual

– Excellent regeneration therapy for active athletes, which is also healing and prevention process for muscles and joints. Ritual begins with classic thai massage, then moves onto muscle relief procedure to ease tense in muscles and is finished with light head and face massage, which brings rejuvenation into the spirit.

Duration: 150 minutes (90 €) Order

Herbal Balance Ritual

– For optimal balance and vitality in the body, this ritual is recommended. It begins with foot reflex ritual to calm the internal organs and increase blood circulation. Hot herbal compress follows, which exfoliates and repairs skins whilst compressing healing herbs into the skin. Ritual is finished with gentle massage of shoulders, head and upper part of the body.

Duration: 135 minutes (90 €) Order

Thai Golfer Ritual

– The procedure specially designed for golf community members. It stimulates and rejuvenates those parts of body which are overused during a golf session. Special emulsion, which is used, is preffered by thai boxers in Thailand. The treatment is focused on lower back, shoulders, knees and hands. You will encounter also stretching and acupressure massage.

Duration: 90 minutes (60 €) Order

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