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Green Lotus is offering wide range of modern and ancient Thai procedures based on belief in four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Each massage influences different parts of the body.





Aromatherapy Heaven

– This fragrant, therapeutic massage technique of old temple Wat Arun maximises the healing properties of essential plant oils and herbs, and it is customized to promote relaxation and overall wellbeing by using swift and soft strokes. Choose from variety of flavours:   Orange  --- Lemongrass --- Thai Mystic --- Energizing --- Jasmine --- Coconut extra virgin--- Thai Flowers --- Lavender -

Duration: 60 minutes (47 €) Order or 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Flower Scrub

– This gentle calming exfoliation treatment designed for princesses of ancient Siam uses a balance of flower extracts (rose flower, sweet almond and yoyoba). There are finely granulated pumice of stone to smooth, sooth and replenish skin while helps the blood vessels circulation.

Duration: 60 minutes (47 €) Order

Face Fit Facial

– No personal discounts apply for this procedure ~ For all skin types. This face treatment helps to hydrate and purify your skin. Natural facial care:Peeling, flower power age rewind facial oil, serum, coconut jelly mask ( 100% natural coconut juice for rejuvenating the skin ) 

Duration: 45 minutes (35 €) Order

Thai Foot Ritual

–  You can combine 30 minutes of Foot Massage in 90 minutes procedures This energy-based therapy delivers pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet in order to restore the free flow of energy throughout the body. These stimulations are believed to have certain powers and they have been administered since 3000 years ago in budhist temples. Procedure is enhanced with the combination of cooling and warming extracts.

Duration: 60 minutes (independently 40 €) Order

Muscle Relief Massage

– The application of slow, intense strokes across the grain of the muscles and a powerful, herbal cream work to penetrate deeply into the body to ease tight muscles, release stress and heal phyciscal and emotional tensions.

Duration: 60 minutes (47 €) Order or 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Hot Herbal Compress Massage

– This ancient technique was brought to Thailand form India approximately 2500 years ago. Hot Herbal Compress combines the natural therapy of traditional Thai herbalism with the healing power of touch. Prepared from fresh herbs and flowers (or coconut). Compress is pressed onto body with special pillow and then followed by warm oil massage, melting away stresses and strains. Version: Healing Thai Herbs and Flowers Version: Coconut

Duration: 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Anti Cellulite Massage

– As derived from the name of massage, this techniques concentrates on the body areas, that suffer from cullulitis. The special thai anti-cellulite oil is applied. The thick layer of oil with combination of  massage technique ensures good blood flow to the skin cells along with removal of the fatty cells. Results will follow afterwards.

Duration: 60 minutes (47 €) Order or 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Traditional Thai Classic (bez sprchy)

– Traditional Thai acupressure administers pressure to specific points along the body’s meridian lines in order to release muscle tension and clear energy blockages. Long used to promote the free flow of energy within the body, this massage contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing and is an indispensable component of traditional Thai therapy.

Duration: 60 minutes (40 €) Order or 90 minutes (55 €) Order

Just Back ®

– A special procedure for the over-used back muscles. Thai techniques in massaging the back lies in acupressure massage, stroking energy lines and stretching thereafter. There is a special analgetic cream with Aloe vera used to ease the tensions. Other parts of the body are less massaged.

Duration: 60 minutes (47 €) Order or 90 minutes (60 €) Order

Head, Face and Neck Massage

–  You can combine this procedure inside / with 90 minute massage  This procedure can be used for busy people to reduce stres during and after work.

Duration: 30 minutes (independently 25 €) Order

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